3 Tips for starting or growing a business with little capital

3 Tips for starting or growing a business with little capital

The most common barrier to entry to business is little access to capital. Many people dream of starting their own businesses and being self-employed, but unfortunately those dreams never materialize because of limited access to funding.

But the great news is that we now live in an era where starting a business is easier than it has ever been – thanks to the internet. Prior to the internet era, anybody hoping to start a business would have to get a physical outlet and then run their marketing campaigns rather expensively through channels such as newspaper and TV.

Today, almost any business can be started on the internet at a fraction of the cost. You can start a bakery or a restaurant from your home and only accept online orders.

You can start a travel agency where people make their trip bookings through your website. You can start a consultancy where you meet with clients through a Zoom call instead of physically meeting in an office. This article will go over 3 simple tips to help you successfully grow your business on a budget.

How to scale a business on a budget

Tip 1: Focus on SEO

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process of increasing a website’s ranking on the search engines. Whenever potential customers can land on your website organically through a Google search, you may not even need to spend money on ads.

Most consumers start their purchase journeys by searching for products and services on search engines. Make it a goal to rank your website on the first result page for all keywords and phrases related to your business.

Given how time-consuming SEO can be, it might be easier to outsource the work to an SEO link building agency to reduce the burden on your team.

Tip 2: Completely dominate social media

Social media is an area where most business perform so poorly, and it doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. Where else would you find such a convenient and accessible gathering of people?

Make sure that you have business pages on at least two major social media platforms. Many people make their purchase decisions based on things they come across on social media. You can even host occasional contests to get your followers to share your content. That will help you reach even more people.

Tip 3: Build an online omnipresence

An omnipresence means having a brand presence on every platform where customers could potentially go search for you.

For example, if they search for your products on Google, your website should automatically be among the top results. And if they go to Facebook or Instagram, your business pages should also come up. Many people only buy products from brands that they can recognize.

There are many ways to get all your business’ digital tools free. For example, you could use platforms such as FreeWebDesign to get a free website and domain address. There’s just no reason why you shouldn’t have a strong online presence in this digital age.


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