5 Best Ways to Video Calling

5 Best Ways to Video Calling
Silicon Valley: Most of us have problems with video calling, this article covers how you can improve your video calling by following these 5 steps.

1) Light

The first thing that is important in video calling is light. This is also the purpose of the video call. You see the other and for this you need light. However, make sure that the light does not fall on your back. The light is either coming from your right or left. If the light source is in front, make a video call from a 45 degree angle.

2) Camera angle


The only appropriate camera angle in a video call is straight face and eye level. You don’t want the person you’re video calling to have a hard time keeping an eye on you.

3) Video call testing

Many meetings are scheduled on the popular video calling app Zoom or similar, and you want to look good when you participate online. There is an option on these apps that allows you to test the video before the video call in which you can take a closer look at the video itself.

4) Silence


Almost everyone has a problem with loud noises during video calls. Try to choose a quiet place for the video call so that the person in front of the video call can hear and understand you clearly. Headphones may be the best option for this.

5) Comfort

When you start a video call, avoid excessive movement. The person in front may be upset. Make a video call while sitting in a comfortable place. If the video call is long, set up video calling somewhere and talk calmly.


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