A feature that keeps the WhatsApp running even when the phone is turned off

A feature that keeps the WhatsApp running even when the phone is turned off
SAN FRANCISCO: WhatsApp has begun to consider offline WhatsApp, fulfilling a long-standing public demand, and is reportedly being tested internally, according to some reports.

WhatsApp is currently connected to the phone and thanks to this the desktop version also works. This means that the desktop version of the phone shuts down as soon as the phone is turned off or the internet is inactive, but now the WhatsApp company has said a very meaningful thing that it will be possible to use the WhatsApp even if the phone battery is off. ۔

WhatsApp added that it will be possible to run WhatsApp simultaneously on a total of four devices (mobile, such as PC, laptop and tablet), but it is certain that the beta version of WhatsApp will only be available to a few people as a trial. Will be presented which will decide its usefulness after use. In the light of these experiences, the option can be further improved.
According to WhatsApp, encryption from one end to the other will remain the same as before. It should be noted that WhatsApp users were repeatedly demanding this facility, the total number of which is more than two billion.

According to Facebook engineers, the use of WhatsApp in this regard is being revisited. This is because the current version of the WhatsApp is centered on smartphones. This is usually called and messages are sent and received. In this way, the screen of the phone is seen as a mirror even on the desktop.

But there are many flaws in it because WhatsApp web app is disconnected from the phone again and again but in the new option this obstacle will be removed and the decentralization of the smartphone will be removed. Still, it will be possible to use the WhatsApp on desktops and laptops.

Other analysts have suggested that moving the WhatsApp to a multi-platform platform could end its responsibility to the public. Then the kids can use it too and somehow the kids can promote the wrong links online.


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