A magnetic robot that can treat strokes and cerebral palsy

A magnetic robot that can treat strokes and cerebral palsy
New York: In the case of a stroke, a thin robot has been built to stop the flow of blood, so it can be controlled magnetically. When tested on animals, it is 86% successful.

In an article published in Nature Communications, Hewon Lee and his colleagues at the University of Purdue have developed a microscopic robot that can clean blood collected, especially in the event of a brain hemorrhage. Experts found that when they were tested on six to seven animals, the blood that had accumulated in their brains was successfully cleared. Among them was a thorny bear.

On the occasion, Hewon Lee said that this technology can be a new ray of hope for the patients suffering from stroke and can save them from death and disability. In case of a cerebral artery rupture, the blood flow increases rapidly and permanent disability or death may occur.
There are two types of paralysis, one in which a blood clot gets stuck somewhere and stops the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain, and the other is that the blood pressure rises so much that it causes a blood vessel to rupture and the brain to bleed. The accumulation begins.

In the first case, a blood thinner is given which cannot be used in any case of brain hemorrhage. The risk of death in such patients is as high as 50% and we do not yet have any effective treatment for it. Sometimes only blood clotting medicine is given.

This robot can be operated from a distance with a magnetic field and it can be used to clean blood. The robot rotates like a compass and thus makes way for blood flow. The next step will be to seek FDA approval.


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