A spider boat floating on uncontrollable waves

A spider boat floating on uncontrollable waves
California: New boat designs keep popping up around the world, and an interesting spider-like boat has been developed by Marine Advanced Robotics of California.

The full name of the spider-like WAMV is ‘View Adaptive Modular Vessel’, the fifth model of which has been introduced. Under the changing marine environment, springs, hydraulic systems and many pairs of legs lengthen which enables it to operate in all kinds of rough seas.

Given its dynamic state, it can be estimated that it can rotate 360 ​​degrees in a small space, which is not the case with ordinary boats.

Now when it comes to the wave-changing system, it has a number of modules (parts) and interfaces that instantly operate the propulsion system, setting itself up in terms of missions by looking at sensors and devices. In addition, the entire ark can be easily opened and reassembled. This way the boat can be opened and placed in a shipping container.


Although it can be operated by humans, it can also be controlled by remote control. There are several models of WVAM, the largest being 100 feet long. Due to its changing condition, the boat can be used for many purposes.

According to the company, it can be used for many purposes, including military, research and emergency services. Interestingly, the concept of WVAM was presented to the students as a challenge which is now formally named as a company.


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