Algorithm of video game ‘Tetris’; Helps in booking hotel rooms

Algorithm of video game ‘Tetris’; Helps in booking hotel rooms
Rome, Italy: The world-famous Tetris game is often played by individuals. Inspired by the same game, an algorithm has now been developed that can be extremely helpful in online booking, hotel accommodation and other matters.

The management relies on their experience, concentration and human capabilities to fill the hotels. Although online booking has made this task easier, some guests come to the hotel and change their intentions and stay longer, but at the same time the room is also for online booking proxies. That is why some rooms in busy hotels are now left empty and bookings have to be closed for your convenience.

Mobile games keep you connected with your loved ones. Minecraft is one of the games which will improve your creativity and you can play it on any “Minecraft servers.

The Department of Computer Science at the University of Trento in Italy has developed the ‘Room Tethers Algorithm’, which is inspired by Teters. It was developed by its head, Roberto Batty, under his own startup company. Details are published in the International Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Technology.
According to Roberto, this is a revolutionary way to better manage hotel guests. There is deep math behind the algorithm in which the probability of error is very low. Demand and supply can be closely monitored in room tutors. Just like in Tetris game, colorful tiles fall and they have to be put together and its cluttered piles have to be avoided. A practical picture of this software can be seen below. The traditional style at the top and the software at the bottom are used to show it in different ways.


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