AM Next: The world’s first four-seater flying car

AM Next: The world’s first four-seater flying car
Slovakia: After ten years of continuous research and creation, the world’s first four-seater air taxi has now come to the fore and will be ready for use by 2027.

The four-seater flying car is manufactured by the Slovak company Aeromobile. The same company has previously offered other aircraft car designs. A prototype of the car has been unveiled under the name AMNEXT, but commercial delivery is still a few years away.

According to the company, this car becomes an airplane in just three minutes and in the same way, when it lands, it becomes an airplane in minutes by shrinking its arms. Initially, it will not be sold, but will be extended to major cities so that they can cover a distance of 100 to 500 miles.

According to the Aeromobile Company, everyone will get a window seat in which they can sit comfortably, work during the flight, or simply enjoy the view outside. A simple model of the same car was unveiled five years ago at the 2017 Paris Air Show which caused a stir all over the world.

AM Next will travel at a maximum speed of 360 kilometers per hour. However, the company has indicated that the price of a single model could be between 13 1.3 million and لاکھ 1.6 million, which will be given only to those who have a pilot’s license. The same company will also launch AM Next air taxi service in which the same cars will be used.

According to business analysts, air taxis are an important invention that the whole world is waiting for. Its market in Latin America alone could reach 70 70 billion, while Dubai and the United States have also announced plans to launch several flying taxis.

According to the Aeromobile Company, air taxis have been researched for two consecutive decades. On the other hand, Rolls-Royce, Boeing and Lockheed Martin have also started designing flying cars.


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