Aspirin has been shown to be effective in preventing bowel cancer

Aspirin has been shown to be effective in preventing bowel cancer
California: Another benefit of aspirin, a magical drug used for over a hundred years, is that it can play an important role in eliminating colon cancer.

Aspirin stops cancer cells from growing and naturally pushes them back to a process called cell death. If any of these cells get out of the process, they can become tumors and develop cancer.

The use of aspirin in this process has been shown to be very positive, especially in gastric and intestinal cancers, which can also prevent the spread of cancer cells.
“Aspirin inhibits the growth of cancer cells and affects their rate of birth and death,” said Dr. Dominic Wooders, a public health specialist at the University of California, Berkeley. On the one hand, it increases cell death, on the other hand, it also prevents the spread of cancerous tumors.

Natalia Kumarova, another scientist involved in the research, says that aspirin may work in the light of Darwin’s theory of evolution to prevent cancer cells from becoming unhealthy and harmful to the body. As a result, colon cancer, in particular, slows down and can even stop the cell from transforming into cancer from the beginning. That’s why the role of aspirin is so interesting.

In this regard, many people with genetic conditions were recruited who could have been diagnosed with various types of cancer under Lynch syndrome. They were divided into two groups and one was given 600 mg of aspirin daily for two years, then two years later it was found that it can reduce the risk of colon cancer by 63%. Other evidence and investigations point in the same direction.

According to experts, efforts are being made to understand this process, but it has certainly added another benefit to aspirin.


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