Ban on return from India, former Australian cricketer erupts against his PM

Ban on return from India, former Australian cricketer erupts against his PM
New Delhi: Former Australian cricketer Michael Slater has sharply criticized his prime minister after he was banned from returning from India, a country plagued by the Corona epidemic.

According to details, on the micro-blogging website Twitter, former Australian player and current commentator Michael Slater sharply criticized Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison over the decision to ban the repatriation of Australian citizens from India.

Michael Slater wrote that if our government took care of the safety of its citizens, it would allow us to return home, it would be a great disgrace and the Prime Minister would be responsible for your deaths.

The former cricketer was outraged at the attitude of his Prime Minister. He wrote, “How did you dare to behave like this with us? Have you solved the problem of quarantine system in the country? What would you say about that?”

What will happen to Australian citizens returning home from India?

He said that he had got official permission to work in IPL but now the government is ignoring him.

Responding to public criticism, in another tweet, Michael Slater said, “For those who think this is just a way to make money, let me tell you that this is my source of livelihood, if I give it up prematurely.” So not a single penny will be received, so stop the abuse and think of the thousands of people who die every day in India, we call it sympathy if there is anything left in our government.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has banned direct flights from India, with the Australian government announcing that those coming to Australia from India could face up to five years in prison and a 66,000 fine.


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