China threatens China to allow Corona’s initial probe or stand alone

China threatens China to allow Corona’s initial probe or stand alone
The United States has once again threatened to allow China to investigate further into Corona’s origins or prepare for global isolation.

Jack Sullivan, a security adviser to US President Biden, said in an interview that China should allow a more serious investigation into the causes of the outbreak of the corona virus in its country, otherwise it would have to turn to the international community. May face isolation and loneliness.

The national security adviser to the US president praised Biden for persuading allies in the G7 to increase pressure on China over the issue.

The spread of Corona is related to the Chinese laboratory, the US President insisted
Jack Sullivan added that this was the first time since the outbreak of the epidemic that democratic forces had come together and that Donald Trump could not have done it, only Biden could have done it.

It may be recalled that at the recent G7 summit in the United Kingdom, the leaders of the member countries had demanded from China to allow the World Health Organization (WHO) to conduct further investigation into the exposure of COVD-19.

In addition, US President Joe Biden has ordered US intelligence agencies to investigate whether the Corona was spread by animals or as a result of a laboratory accident.

Earlier, former US President Donald Trump had openly blamed China for the spread of the corona virus, but China has always denied such allegations.


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