Climate change threatens one-third of the world’s food

Climate change threatens one-third of the world’s food
LONDON: Climate change has exacerbated a series of natural disasters, and it is now being said that these catastrophic changes could severely affect areas known today as fertile food basins.

Undoubtedly, this is a matter of concern to Alto University. It has previously been said that global food production could be reduced by at least 33% if this extraordinary release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere continues. The study is published in the journal One Earth.

According to research, by the end of this century, 95% of the world’s food-growing areas will be affected to such an extent that some of them will fall sharply or become completely barren. But at the same time, the good news is that if we can control the emission of the most harmful greenhouse gas, such as carbon dioxide, this potentially catastrophic situation can be avoided. That is, we must try not to let the average global temperature rise above one and a half to two degrees Celsius until the last year of this century.
These food-producing areas are rainfed, including South and Southeast Asia, the coastal region in Africa, and other areas. The study found that there are 27 major agricultural and grain-producing countries or regions on the planet that could be severely affected. However, agricultural production in 52 of the 177 countries will not be affected


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