Corona virus: Emirates airline provided great convenience to passengers

Corona virus: Emirates airline provided great convenience to passengers
Dubai: Emirates Airlines has launched digital verification of Coveid 19 medical records for passengers based in the United Arab Emirates.

According to Emirati media, Emirates Airlines said in a statement that it is pursuing a partnership with the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), the first of its kind between the airline and the state health authority.

According to the airline, UAE customers who have undergone PCR test in Dubai can choose to check in without submitting their test report.

In addition, users who have been vaccinated with Covid 19 at the DHA Health Center in Dubai can synchronize their documents with their Covid 19 PCR test results with Flight Check In.

Ahmed Naimi, CEO of Joint Corporate Support Services at DHA, said the foresight to invest in digital healthcare has paved the way for such an important integration today. This partnership will facilitate direct travel as well as ensure the verification of all necessary medical records.

The Dubai-based company said that Emirates would process information specifically about the entry into the user’s destination, Kwid 19.

Once the check-in formalities have been completed, the information related to the Covid 19 medical records will be immediately deleted from the UAE system.

Kalitham Ali Al-Shamsi, IT Director, Dubai Health Authority, said digital authentication could help revitalize and mobilize international travel.

The next phase of digital authentication will see the secure integration of health records within IATA Travel Pass as another option to facilitate travel for passengers.


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