Criticism of a company that makes original pistols, such as toys

Criticism of a company that makes original pistols, such as toys
Salt Lake City: A company in the US state of Utah has developed a real pistol that looks like a toy gun made of plastic pieces. This firearm is now being heavily criticized around the world.

The controversial gun was manufactured by a Utah-based company called ClipperPreservation, dubbed Block 19. It looks like a toy made up of colorful Lego pieces, but when you pick it up, it turns out to be a real pistol.

According to the company, this is a valuable item that can be purchased at a reasonable price. Named the Block 19, it is a G-Lock-style pistol and looks like a children’s toy.
Its colors are bright and everyone is interested in it, including firearms ban volunteers and non-governmental non-profit organizations. However, the latter has called the action irresponsible and appealed to Lego to intervene.

Lego has since formally issued a notice to the Clipper Company. The Lego company has stated that Lego pieces have been used in the manufacture of the pistol, the rights of which belong to their company. Lego has asked the relevant authorities to immediately seize the original toy-like gun from the company.

The company has since stopped production of such pistols. This G-Lock style gun was selling for 9 549 to 65 765. However, instead of apologizing for the action, Clipperpression explained that people have the right to buy pistols of any design they want.


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