Egypt announces lifting of Krona sanctions

Egypt announces lifting of Krona sanctions
Cairo: Egyptian authorities have announced the lifting of curfews imposed across the country from June 1, business centers will be open as usual from today.

According to a report by a foreign news agency, Egypt has announced that the curfews imposed across the country will be lifted from today, after which shops, malls, cafes and restaurants will be open as usual.

With the lifting of the Corona ban, tourism companies hope that large numbers of tourists will return to Egypt and that normalcy will return to normal.

The tourism company official says that Egyptians like Arab tourists from the Gulf countries because they used to spend generously.

Twenty percent of the total number of tourists visiting Egypt before the Corona crisis was from Gulf countries.

It should be noted that in order to protect the citizens from the Corona epidemic, the Egyptian government had imposed strict restrictions across the country since May 6, under which shopping malls were closed at 9 pm, while Egypt is famous for its bloodshed.


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