Elimination of severe pain from nanobodies of camel relative “Alpaca”

Elimination of severe pain from nanobodies of camel relative “Alpaca”
Sao Paulo / Bonn: Brazilian and German scientists have developed small antibodies, or “nanobodies”, in an animal called “alpaca” that can be very helpful in relieving severe and chronic pain in various diseases, including arthritis. ۔

These nanobodies have so far been successfully tested on mice that suffer from arthritis-like ailments. Details of these trials have been published in the latest issue of the research journal EMBO Molecular Medicine.

The woolly alpaca is found in South America. It belongs to the camel family, which includes the camel, as well as the Guanajuato, Wicona, Lama and Alpaca.
In all animals belonging to the camel family, very special antibodies are naturally formed, called “nanobodies”, which have been the subject of considerable research in recent years.

Nanobodies have so far proved effective against dozens of diseases and ailments while their new benefits are being discovered. New research is also a link in the same chain.

These nanobodies made in Alpaca target protein substances called “ASC specks”.

These substances cause pain in various parts of the body including joints, while their presence in the body for a long time causes chronic pain.

ASC specs were inserted into Alpaca’s body, where nanobodies began to form against him a few days later. These nanobodies were later identified and isolated and produced in large quantities by germs (bacteria).

In the next phase, these nanobodies were tested on human cells that were infected with ASC specs. These tests were successful, after which the same nanobodies were tested on mice.

Alpaca nanobodies performed even better in experiments on mice, and they almost completely eliminated joint pain.

Scientists participating in the experiments say that if these nanobodies performed well in human trials, it is hoped that in the next few years we will have a new and more effective drug to treat arthritis and various physical ailments.


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