Elvisa Dedic – A Young girl creating history

Elvisa Dedic, born on October 16 in Bosnia, is a multi-talented young woman who defied the odds and rose to fame and fortune. She is now the CEO of the prestigious makeup line Elvisa Cosmetics, a well-known trademark Fashion Nova representative, and an Instagram model and influencer with over 730,000 followers.

Elvisa Dedic moved to America with her family when she was 11 years old, allowing her to pursue her dream of becoming a significant figure in the fashion world. Despite her childhood interest in fashion, she was accepted to the University of North Florida and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Crime Justice and Psychology.

She even worked as a criminal court clerk in the Duval County Courthouse while completing her Bachelor’s degree.

Elvisa Dedic began modeling on Instagram after graduation as a fashion freak and presented unique fashionable and colorful content in her images and videos. Her work went viral in a matter of days, and she garnered hundreds of steadily growing fans.

Passionate Young influencer

Elvisa Dedic quickly rose to prominence as a social media influencer as many people, particularly young girls, began to emulate her style and trends. Only great artists and models are capable of delivering their unique style beautifully and elegantly.

 Elvisa soon had numerous offers from various clothes, bikini, beauty, skincare, and sports businesses such as Giti, Pretty Little Things, and Diva Boutique.

Elvisa had much more ability and a desire for more in the field, so she became a representative for the well-known fashion firm Fashion Nova when she had the chance. She claims that being an ambassador has taught her a lot more than modeling. It provided her with the necessary experience in business management.


She wanted to be a businesswoman after winning the fashion world. She didn’t limit herself to modeling and branding because she was so enthusiastic. She founded Elvisa Cosmetics while working as an ambassador and Instagram influencer.

Elvisa Cosmetics offers high-quality makeup and other cosmetics. The company grew into a great brand and success over time. “I decided to create my own cosmetics line because I wanted to build my distinct brand and leave a legacy behind,” she says of her business. My ambition was to become a brand rather than wear it.”

YouTub Traveler

Elvisa enjoys traveling and uploading movies to her YouTube account when she is not working. She has visited several nations, including England, Spain, Austria, and others.

She also enjoys movies and television shows. Game of Thrones is one of her favorite shows. Elvisa Dedic stated that she would take any opportunity to work in the film or drama industry.

Elvisa Dedic has demonstrated daring and tenacity in achieving so many goals at such a young age. We hope she keeps fighting and never gives up. You may find out more about her by following her on Instagram or visiting her website.



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