Even more radical than Israel’s new prime minister, Netanyahu

Even more radical than Israel’s new prime minister, Netanyahu
Israel’s new prime minister-elect, Naftali Bennett, has more extremist views than current Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Prominent Israeli Prime Minister Naphtali Bennett is the leader of the Israeli right-wing extremist party Yamina. Yamina has seven members in the Israeli parliament (Knesset) and a total of 120 members in the lower house.

Naftali has held key positions in the past, including defense.

In addition, Naphtali has been a former commando and is now a millionaire businessman.
Naftali is known to the Arabs for his extremist views and has repeatedly expressed them openly.

The prospective Israeli prime minister is also a staunch opponent of a two-state solution to Palestine, and he and his party view all Palestinians as enemies.

Naphtali, a former Israeli commando, also has a statement on record in which he said that he had killed many Arabs in his life without any remorse.

In addition, the prospective Prime Minister of Israel had recently made negative propaganda by showing the building of Shifa International Hospital in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, as a large medical complex in Gaza.


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