FDA-approved wireless ‘StetheScope’

FDA-approved wireless ‘StetheScope’
San Diego: The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved an interesting medical invention, the wireless stethoscope. However, it can also be used for other important purposes.

Called the Stemoscope Pro, this invention is like a small box that can only hear the sound of heartbeat, respiratory tract and other lung ailments by removing other noisy sounds. Thanks to wireless, all its data is received on the smartphone app. This data is secure and can be viewed over and over again.

Wireless stethoscopes can also be used for many other purposes. Pregnant mothers can also hear the baby’s heartbeat by sticking it to their abdomen. You can also attach a wireless stethoscope to a large vein in your arm and listen to its physical sound. Bluetooth technology allows all medical voices to be received on the phone.
Even the heartbeat of a pet can be noticed by attaching a wireless stethoscope to its body. Its sensitivity is such that by placing this small box-like device on a tree, the sounds received from inside it can also be felt.

On the other hand, in a coded environment, doctors should avoid approaching the patient and in this situation, a stemoscope pro may be the best solution. That is why the future of this invention is so bright.

The introductory price of the Stemoscope Pro is $ 180 and will be available from August 2022.


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