Foreign investors pave the way for IPPs to buy discos in Pune

Foreign investors pave the way for IPPs to buy discos in Pune
An influential lobby has been mobilized in the federation for the privatization of power distribution companies (Discos), while the boards of directors of LESCO, Fesco and ISCO have been nominated on merit.
Pakistan’s power sector is facing a number of problems these days, including revolving loans, line losses and power theft, and the government and management of power distribution companies are trying to overcome them. The active lobby in the federal capital to protect the interests of global moneylenders and investors is having a profound effect on government policies.

In the first phase, the chief executives and other top officials of the power companies will be taken from the private sector. In the second phase, privatization will be done. The discus boards have been given the responsibility to find suitable candidates for the post of chief executive from the private sector.

Influential lobbies have added their representatives to the discus boards to pave the way for privatization. They have more general experience in tragedy, business, marketing and management, with no experience in the power sector.


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