Free Wi-Fi in Saudi Arabia

Free Wi-Fi in Saudi Arabia

Riyadh: More than 60,000 free Wi-Fi points have been installed in various public places in Saudi Arabia.

In an interview with local media in Saudi Arabia, the Governor of the Information Technology and Communication Authority said that all possible steps are being taken to promote communication technology in the kingdom, adding that Saudi Arabia’s communication market is booming compared to the Middle East and North Africa.

Governor Dr. Muhammad bin Saud Al-Tamimi said that the volume of Saudi communication market is about 70 billion riyals while the market value of telecommunication companies was also estimated at 266 billion riyals.
Meanwhile, economic analyst Ali Al-Hazmi said that the world is rapidly advancing in the digital market, according to a statistic, the volume of the international digital economy has exceeded 11 trillion. The industry will continue to grow in the future, with Saudi Arabia making progress on the UN graph.
According to local media reports, the graph of information technology and communication sector in Saudi Arabia has risen to the level of attention during 2020, the use of internet has increased and the number of users has also increased while the country has more than 60,000 free Wi-Fi points. Have been imposed.


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