How Elite Sales Tech Can Help You Land Your Dream Job

You’ve read about those juicy six-figure salary positions in tech sales, but so far you’re stuck salivating on the sidelines, barely able to clinch a job as an entry-level SDR. Meanwhile, it seems like there are startups emerging every day boasting new tech and software that aims to revolutionize the face of business as we know it.

It seems like there are tons of opportunities, so what’s the missing piece keeping you from harnessing the true earning potential of a career in tech sales?

Elite Sales Tech has the answers you’ve been searching for. Their coaching program has been carefully crafted based on decades of experience in the field, plus tidbits from countless seminars, books, and interviews with accomplished SDRs, Account Executives, and VPs.

If you’re ready to finally capitalize on the incredible potential offered by a career in tech sales, Elite Sales Tech is your recipe for success.

Not Another Tech Boot Camp

If you’ve been fighting to break into the tech sales space for some time now, and perhaps shelled out for a tech boot camp to “give you the tools” to make it happen, we can understand why you might be jaded at the suggestion that Elite Tech Sales is the secret sauce you’ve been missing all along.

How could they deliver better results than any other tech boot camp out there?
First and foremost, Elite Tech Sales is not a boot camp. While both are engineered to provide you the tools to succeed in the tech sales space, that’s where the similarities between Elite Tech Sales and “the other guys” end.

Elite Tech Sales takes the traditional boot camp formula and flips it on its head to deliver the results you need to actually succeed. Whereas boot camps indiscriminately accept every applicant and fill lecture halls, conference rooms, and webinars with anyone and everyone, Elite Tech Sales carefully selects candidates with the right background to succeed in tech sales. They’re exclusive for a reason!

That’s not all. The founders of these boot camp programs are often barely qualified to speak on the subject, offering little to no actual experience in the field to those attending the program. For them, it doesn’t matter much, because the founders are typically in cahoots with Tier 3 or lower tech firms and ready to push you into a low-level position at these places where your earning potential will remain capped until you get the wherewithal to leave. And that’s how boot camps make money, by placing you with partner companies.

Elite Tech Sales isn’t one of “those guys” looking to turn a quick buck off of you. What they offer is far more valuable and far more effective. It’s a uniquely informed and personalized approach to entering the field and earning what you deserve. They stay away from partnerships and help you attack the big name companies.

What Makes Elite Tech Sales Elite

Elite Tech Sales is in the business of helping you, the qualified future tech sales champ, actually land a position with an esteemed company. The tools provided by the Elite Tech Sales program are meant to help you break into the field, get promoted quickly, and start exponentially increasing your salary within as little as 12 months.

Elite Tech Sales is able to do this because they draw from over a decade of experience are reputable, multi-million and billion dollar companies including Dell, Oracle, Google Cloud, and more. Team members, including the Elite Tech Sales founder Jay Johnston himself, are real-world professionals, currently or formerly holding positions ranging from top SDR roles to Enterprise Account Executives and beyond.

It’s this unique and highly applicable experience that has helped Elite Tech Sales create the most comprehensive and most effective program out there.

Program Overview

Elite Tech Sales’ program includes:

  • Access to the extensive softwares, tools, and resources required for learning and mastering tech sales
  • SDR training from people who have worked at advanced organizations
  • Interview training to help students excel in their interviews
  • Salary negotiation coaching to help students get paid what they’re worth
  • 12 months of 1×1 career coaching after landing a job to guarantee continued success

The goal of the Elite Tech Sales program is to get your foot in there door at an excellent company, start performing using the Elite Tech Sales proven methods, and working your way up the ladder in record time.

Elite Tech Sales sweetens the deal by creating an incentive-based culture too. All coaches are commission-based, coaches get paid when their clients sign offer letters. And reciprocally, students also receive signing bonuses when they sign their offer. Why? Because it mirrors the same incentive and pay structure as a real tech sales culture.

Your success becomes the coach’s success. They don’t just talk the talk; they put their money where their mouth is to provide an actual guarantee you start earning what you’re worth.

How to Apply

Those dastardly tech boot camps will take anyone and everyone, but Elite Tech Sales offers a superior experience and, therefore, capacity is very limited. Elite Tech Sales will always be upfront with applicants they do not believe can benefit from the program at the time of applying.

That doesn’t mean they will never be accepted. Instead, Elite Tech Sales will refer these candidates to resources that will help better equip them to apply again in the future. They really are here to give you a fighting chance and the support you need for a long and prosperous career.

If you’re ready to apply for the most comprehensive and effective tech sales coaching program out there, here’s what you’ll need to submit your application.

  1. Submit your initial application. Elite Tech Sales will then set up a discovery call.
  2. Applicants and Elite Tech Sales staff will complete a discovery call designed for staff to learn more about you and your goals.
  3. A final round will be scheduled, at which point Elite Tech Sales will do a 60-minute deep dive into your goals, background, and motivations.

If everything at this juncture is copacetic, then you’ll be given information on how to proceed and, soon enough, you’ll be registered for the Elite Tech Sales program. It’s as simple as that!

Start Today

Life is too short to waste time with “what ifs,” preditatory bootcamps and low tier tech companies. Those sweet tech sales jobs are out there, but someone else will seize the day if you don’t take the first step now.

If you’ve envisioned a future in tech sales and you’re ready to take the reins, submit your application to Elite Tech Sales and take the first step towards a brighter future and financial freedom today.



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