Are you tired of bearing the pain of the wisdom tooth? But are you afraid or curious to know what you can expect in the wisdom tooth extraction procedure? As you might know, wisdom tooth extraction is basically a surgical process for extracting the impacted wisdom teeth or permanent adult teeth located at the back corners of your mouth on the bottom and top.

In most cases, the wisdom tooth does not have space or room to grow, which cause unbearable pain and a feeling of discomfort in your mouth. Moreover, it could also cause other dental problems. It is necessary to have it pulled at the right time to avoid any inconveniences.

A dentist in Karachi or an oral surgeon does this process. To avoid any severe problems that could occur in the future, some dentists recommend having your wisdom teeth pulled before they aren’t even impacted.

This article will discuss why wisdom tooth extraction is necessary, why dentists recommend you to have it pulled, and why you should consider getting a wisdom tooth removal. So, let’s start with it

OVERVIEW: Why is it necessary, and why you should consider getting it removed?


Wisdom teeth or you can also call them third molars, are the last permanent teeth that grow in your mouth. You can expect the growth of the third molars in the age between 17 – 25. However, some people never develop third molars. And, on the other hand, for some people, wisdom teeth usually erupt just like their other molars did.

Also, some people develop the impacted third molars or wisdom teeth, which does not have enough room or space to grow in the mouth or develop normally. Let’s know some of the signs of an impacted wisdom teeth

  • It starts to grow at an angle toward the second molar
  • It also extends at an angle towards the back fourth of the mouth
  • Develops at the right angle of the other teeth as if it’s lying down on the jawbone
  • It may also grow normally just like the other teeth but might be trapped within the jawbone.

Problems that you could possibly face with an impacted wisdom tooth

It is necessary to have your impacted third molars extracted if it results in the following problems

  • Causing wisdom teeth pain
  • Trapping the food and debris behind the impacted wisdom teeth
  • Causing infection or a gum disease
  • Causing damage to other tooth or the surrounding bone
  • Development of cyst around the wisdom tooth
  • Creating complications with orthodontic treatments such as straighten teeth

What is the wisdom teeth removal surgery process: what you can expect?

A wisdom teeth removal is an easy process and is almost always likely to perform as an outpatient procedure. In other words, the wisdom teeth extraction process does not take long, and you can go home the same day without any complications.

Also, your dentist or oral surgeon will give you the instruction on what you should do before and after your wisdom teeth removal procedure.

On your scheduled day of wisdom tooth extraction surgery, your dentist or oral surgeon will use anesthesia. There are usually three types of anesthesia. And, your dentist or oral surgeon will inject you one of the three types depending on the complexity of your wisdom teeth extraction and your comfort level.

  • Local Anesthesia: Your dentist or local surgeon will inject your anesthesia with one or more injections to numb the extraction points. Before you get injected, your dentist will apply a substance on the gums of your extraction sites to make them entirely numb.

    In this type of anesthesia, you will be awake in the wisdom teeth removal surgery process, but you won’t be experiencing any pain, but you might feel a bit of pressure.

  • Sedation anesthesia: This type of anesthesia is injected through an IV line in your arm, which will make you unconscious. You only will have limited memory of the entire procedure or might not have any at all.

    You won’t feel any pain during the wisdom tooth extraction procedure. Also, your dentist or oral surgeon will inject your gums with local anaesthesia to make them numb.

  • General anaesthesia: This type of anaesthesia is often offered in particular situations. You might have to take the medications through your nose or an IV line in your arm and some cases, maybe both.

    Once the anaesthesia is injected, you will most likely lose consciousness. You will not experience any pain or won’t be having any memories of the wisdom teeth removal surgery.

    Also, the medical team will be monitoring your blood pressure, breathing levels, temperature and fluids to avoid any complications.

What happens during the wisdom teeth extraction process?


During the surgery, your dentist or oral surgeon will:

  • Make an incision in your gum tissue, which will help expose the tooth and bone.
  • Slowly removes the bone that might be blocking access to the tooth root.
  • Might divide the tooth into sections. This only happens if it is going to make the removal process easier by extracting them in pieces.
  • Slowly removes the impacted wisdom tooth.
  • Cleans the tooth or bone of the extraction point from any debris.
  • Stitches the extraction site if it’s necessary.
  • Places a gauze to the extraction point to help control the bleeding and prevent a blood clot from forming.

How long does it take to recover from a wisdom tooth extraction?

If you have received the sedation or general anaesthesia, you will be moved to he recovery room after the wisdom teeth removal procedure. And, if you have local anaesthesia, then your brief recovery time will be in the dental chair.

Your dentist or oral surgeon will provide some of the instructions on the aftercare you should follow to avoid inconveniences. Also, these instructions will also help you with your recovery speed.

How much does wisdom teeth removal costs?

Are you worried about wisdom teeth extraction cost? Don’t be. As you might know, wisdom tooth extraction is a standard procedure, and it does not cost much.

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