How to Add Color to Your Wardrobe

How to Add Color to Your Wardrobe

For people who only stick with neutrals, they can add accessories to add life to their outfit. A lot of find it uncommon when they find their wardrobe is a combination of different shades of grey, black, white, and navy: a sad selection that need some life. It is very easy to stay away from bright yellows over a quieter navy, and this can simply become a default color.

However, if you are someone loves the fashion flare, travel and art, you can always add some colorful pieces in your wardrobe that will match the bright and bold elements of your personality. Read on to know how you can do that.

A Bright Watch

If you are not confident with bold colors, you can add an arm candy with a pop of color and a matching bracelet gives you a good feeling about seeing color in your outfit. Yellow brightens your mood and gives energy, while blue is calming that helps you focus.

Colorful Bag

When you are choosing a colorful bag, you must choose a color that can go with most of the clothes that you own. It can be counter-productive to purchase a colorful that you have to constantly change and go for a black bag instead. You will be surprised that some colors go with many items that you already own. Like blush, some shades of green, and burgundy matches well with monochromes. You can go bold, but be wise about it. You want to strut your bag with most of the outfits you have.


These are natural ways of adding color to any outfit. For instance, patterned scarves can add several colors all at once and the bonus is that they add another polish level to your outfit that jewelry is unable to give.

If you are uncomfortable with wearing a scarf, try it on your handbag handle. The handbag adds a pop of color to any outfit, but a scarf lets you introduce color touches that you would never wear.


Even if it can be easy to think that you will get tired of a particular outfit, or that the color will be out of fashion, you can always choose jewelry that you love. Regardless if it is color-pop earrings or a diamond pendant, and it can withstand time.

Now, you will find more color jewelry than before, from earrings to bold bangles and necklaces, it is a subtle touch that often lifts your outfit to another degree.

Bold Shoes

Even if you are a minimalist, shoes are one of the perfect ways to add some color to your black wardrobe. Based on the capsule inspiration, wearing bold shoes can go a very long way. Yellow, red, blush, and burgundy shoes are great for pairing with neutrals. A pop of color is always good, especially if they are your shoes.

You must take note of these important fashion tips if you want to add color to your usual, neutral color wardrobe.


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