Important Discovers in Dinasors in the UK

Important Discovers in Dinosaurs in the UK
London: A specialist in the UK has discovered the signs of the great algebra animal diagnostics from the land millions of years ago.

According to details, 110 million years (11 million years) in South UK (11 million years) discovered ancient steps, experts say that these marks were running on the land of Dinasor, this Mark Hosting Museum and Art Gallery. And a scientist of University of Ports Mouth discovered.

In this context, the signs of steps are 3 types of diagnostic, including Theropod, Arthondod, and Inclays.

These marks of the Great Algeria John Dinasor’s steps are discovered in the area and rocks located near the coast of Focus Stone located in Kent, where the water near the storm and the coast, affected the rock, whose Due to this continuous new fossils are coming.

David Martal Professor David Martal says that this is the first opportunity to mark the steps of the Dinasores in Focus Stone and it is very unusual discovery, because it was the last before the dinosaurs from the land which was found in this area. Used to go.

Expert Hajji believes that the technicians of the steps (Dinasor, like the living tanks, who were like living tanks), Thiropodes (three fingers of dinesor), and Arnathopods (Dinnaths who had a plant dinner, whose back birds were like) Are of


Most marks are found separately, but there are 6 steps marks. The biggest step sign is 80 cm (31.5 inches) wide, and 65 cm (25.6 inches) long.


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