iPhone 14 Pro users suffering from a strange problem

iPhone 14 Pro users suffering from a strange problem
CALIFORNIA: The long-awaited Apple iPhone 14 finally went on sale last Friday, after which people around the world lined up outside Apple stores to buy the iPhone.

But people who have received the new iPhone seem to be complaining about a strange problem. According to users, the main camera lens on the back of the phone shakes and shakes when taking photos or videos from other third-party apps, including Snapchat, TikTok and Instagram.

It is currently unclear how widespread the problem is or what the causes are. However, several affected iPhone 14 Pro users reported the issue on social networking sites Reddit and Twitter. Surprisingly, this problem does not occur with the iPhone’s own camera app.
One Reddit user said that whenever they use the camera from Snapchat or Instagram, the camera shakes wildly. However, whenever the regular camera application is opened, there is no problem.

Another user reported that he got the new iPhone 14 Pro yesterday and the camera shakes from time to time while using snapchat (shake means the camera can be seen and heard shaking), is anyone else having this? Facing the problem.

Another user said that when he opened Snapchat on his new iPhone Pro, the camera was shaking a lot and making strange noises.


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