Iran launches official dating app for teens

Iran launches official dating app for teens

An official dating app has been introduced in Iran to encourage young people to get married.

According to a BBC report, the name of Iran’s official dating app is Hamdan, which has been developed by the government organization Tabian Culture Institute. Hamdan in Persian means ‘companion’.

There are many dating apps in Iran, but Hamdan is the first official dating app. Under Iranian law, having sex outside of marriage is a crime.

The developers of the app have claimed that the app uses artificial intelligence to find a permanent but only suitable relationship for unmarried men.

According to the Hamdan app, any user must verify their identity before registering. In addition, the user will have a psychological test after which he can start looking for his partner.

When the right match is found, the app introduces both families to the presence of service assistants who will be with the newlyweds for four years.

According to the National Organization for Civil Registration of Iran, 373,000 marriages took place in Iran from March 2020 to December, while 99,600 divorces were reported. In Iran, one in eight marriages ended in divorce in 2008. Iran’s annual birth rate fell to 1.29% in 2020.

Remember that half of the total population of Iran is under 35 years of age.

The government has warned that if no action is taken, Iran will become the world’s oldest living country in the next 30 years.

Iran’s parliament passed a law in March this year that encouraged young people to marry and gave financial incentives to those who had more than two children. Iran’s Guardian Council, however, has not yet approved the law.


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