Japan breaks 147-year record for heat

Japan breaks 147-year record for heat
TOKYO: The intense heatwave in Japan broke the country’s 147-year record of extreme heat.

The capital, Tokyo, reached 35.1 degrees Celsius at 1 a.m. on Tuesday and is expected to reach 37 degrees Celsius on Wednesday. This is the hottest summer since the weather was recorded in 1875.

Mercury is not expected to drop below 34 degrees Celsius in Tokyo until Sunday, local reports quoted the Japanese Meteorological Department as saying.
The agency has forecast 36 degrees Celsius in the capital on Thursday and 35 degrees Celsius on Friday.

Extreme temperatures have increased the pressure on the power supply and authorities are worried that they may have to cut off power.

The Japanese government has urged the public to use less electricity.

Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihiko Isuzuki said in a regular press briefing that the government has asked people to use less electricity in the early hours of the evening when reserves run low.


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