Launch of guidelines for the construction and development of the Chinese province of Xijiang

Launch of guidelines for the construction and development of the Chinese province of Xijiang

BEIJING: The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the State Council recently issued guidelines to make Zhejiang Province an ideal zone for high-quality development and shared prosperity.

Zhejiang’s provincial party committee is regularly studying and implementing the central government’s “leadership proposals.” And in Zhejiang, it is constantly developing high-quality development and creating an ideal zone for common prosperity.

The proposals call for high-level development, integrated development of urban and rural areas, and the establishment of civilized, harmonious and beautiful areas, including pilot areas, to improve the revenue distribution system. Will make significant progress in promoting high quality development and building an ideal zone of shared prosperity. The per capita GDP in the province will reach the level of a moderately developed economy.
By 2035, Zhejiang Province will achieve maximum success in high-quality development and basically achieve common prosperity. Per capita GDP and urban and rural incomes will be sought to reach the level of developed economies.

Zhejiang Province has resource-rich cities and villages, and balanced development. The development situation of the province is a strong foundation and virtue for moving towards common prosperity. There is also a commitment to move forward despite the shortcomings and weaknesses in the development journey. Zhejiang Province has long ensured the implementation of major development projects, such as the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta and the development of the Yangtze Economic Belt.

In light of these proposals, extensive cooperation between industries, businesses and research institutes in Zhejiang and other parts of the country will be promoted.


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