Nanozyme therapy to protect teeth

Nanozyme therapy to protect teeth
Indiana: American scientists have found a new method of dental protection called ‘nanozyme therapy’ to be twice as good and effective as conventional methods.

Nanosympathy therapy has been introduced in recent years to protect teeth and prevent them from decay, using nanoparticles of iron oxide and a solution of hydrogen peroxide as a mouthwash.

It should be noted that the use of iron oxide nanoparticles solution to eliminate iron deficiency in the body has already been approved by the FDA, while the hydrogen peroxide in mouthwash has been used for years. Is.
Scientists at the University of Pennsylvania and Indiana University made the first promising findings in dental protection in 2018 by combining the two substances, which they worked on over the past three years.

It is not yet known how nanoparticles of iron oxide and hydrogen peroxide act to protect teeth from decay, but observations and experiments have now shown their combined usefulness.

In the latest experiments, nanosympathy therapy was performed on exactly the same 32 patients in the first phase, after which the same procedure was repeated on the volunteers in the second phase.

The results showed that people who underwent nanozyme therapy twice a day (similar to mouthwash) retained the protective layer of the animal on their teeth while keeping their teeth strong.

According to a report published in the latest issue of the research journal NanoLetters, nanosyme therapy not only removes the top layer of plaque from the teeth, but also germs that cause tooth decay, decay and cavities. Killed

There are still some more trials of nanozyme therapy that, once completed, will be introduced as a new way to protect teeth.


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