Now take a selfie with the drone camera in a new way

Now take a selfie with the drone camera in a new way
WASHINGTON: Many drone cameras are commonplace on the market, but the Pixie Pocket Drone is a new addition to them that not only takes selfies from the most difficult and unique angles, but also produces stunning video at a quality of 2.7. It is designed specifically for entertainment and outdoor video recording.

It has been designed by a company called Snap, which has previously manufactured photographic lenses and cameras. He now has a very light and varied camera in his hand, which takes in-flight images that expert photographers capture.

Due to its various capabilities, it can be set to four options, with the round button placed at the top right in the middle. Inside, special software captures images while flying or hanging in the air. The drone camera can record video from hovering, running back, right or left.
Its front camera can capture 12 megapixel video at 30 frames per second. The second camera is designed to guide the drone, guiding it in flight. So there is no need to control the camera. It flies by itself and lands safely by itself. However, it did not say how it overcame the obstacles.


It has four petals (rotors) which are enclosed in plastic mesh. The battery is useful for flying 6 to 8 times once charged. It is primarily designed for SnapChat and automatically sends photos and videos wirelessly to SnapChat. However, you can do photo editing later.

The Drone Pixie weighs just 101 grams and has 16GB of storage that can store 1000 photos and 100 minutes of video. The drone camera also has Wi-Fi and other options.

The camera battery is fully charged in 40 minutes and reaches 80% charging in half the time. In addition, you can set the flight path yourself and set the flight duration.

The Pixie drone, which flies at seven miles per hour, is completely waterproof and is priced at 22 229.


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