Roshan Digital Account Gives Impressive Results, Governor SBP

Roshan Digital Account Gives Impressive Results, Governor SBP

KARACHI: Governor SBP Baqir Raza has said that Roshan Digital Account has given impressive results in a short span of just 5 months.

SBP Governor Baqir Raza has said that Roshan Digital Account is a concept of Prime Minister Imran Khan which aims to strengthen the connection of overseas Pakistanis with the homeland, to connect Pakistanis abroad digitally with Pakistan’s banking and payment system. Introduced by Roshan Digital Account has yielded impressive results in just 5 short months. So far, more than 90,000 accounts have been opened and more than 50 550 million has been sent to the country, a trend that has accelerated over the past few months.

He said that overseas Pakistanis can now invest in New Pakistan Certificate in dollars as well as British Pounds and Euros. He was addressing a video link ceremony at the Dubai Islamic Bank’s Roshan Digital Account facility yesterday.

Dr. Raza Baqir congratulated the management of Dubai Islamic Bank on becoming the 10th partner of the State Bank of Pakistan for offering a bright digital account to Pakistani expatriates.

He hoped that in the future, Dubai Islamic Bank would help Roshan Digital Bank to reach even greater milestones. Dr. Murtaza Syed, Deputy Governor, State Bank of Pakistan, thanked Dubai Islamic Bank for successfully joining Roshan Digital Bank. Appreciated the efforts of the bank.

Dr. Syed also highlighted the key features of Roshan Digital Account that it provides digital access to all traditional banking services, including funds transfer, bill and fee payment, e-commerce.

Cricketer Mohsin Hassan Khan, Brand Ambassador of Dubai Islamic Bank also addressed the function while Chairman of the Board of Dubai Islamic Bank Muhammad Al Sharif in a video message termed Roshan Digital Account as a milestone for overseas Pakistanis.

Meanwhile, Pakistanis based in the United Arab Emirates invested in Roshan Digital Account to spread overseas Pakistanis in 96 countries around the world. In view of the convenience of digital account, tax concessions and reasonable returns on certificates, Pakistanis around the world are transferring capital to Pakistan through Roshan Digital Account.


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