Significant success in treating physical disability with ‘Dancing Molecules’

Significant success in treating physical disability with ‘Dancing Molecules’
Illinois: Scientists claim to have cured rats with severe brain injury (spinal cord) in just four weeks with a single injection.

Experts from Northwestern University have used a special type of vibrating molecule in a brand new injection therapy. The negative effects of the brain affected by a single dose have been eliminated and restoration of their tissues has also been observed.

According to a report published in the November 12 issue of the journal Science, the new treatment restored the condition of infected mice in a number of ways. First, the anterior edge or axon of the neuron regenerated, the injured tissue healed, the thin layer of signal-sending myelin between the cells improved, and the motor neurons that regulate physical movement improved. Thus, this new therapy has proved to be very effective.
Dancing salutes

The motion of the molecules used in this therapy has been specially altered so that they can attach well to the vibrating cell receptor. Molecules are inserted into the body in a liquid state where they take the form of a burn and communicate with nerve cells (neurons).

The vibrations of the molecules increase their usefulness and after 12 weeks of doing their work they disappear on their own without any adverse effect. It should be noted that research on rats could pave the way for human treatment as the drugs used on them have since been used on humans. Now university professor Samuel Istep is approaching the FDA for a human trial of the new treatment.

With all its accomplishments, commentators have described the experience as very encouraging for humans.


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