The common bean virus can kill cancer

The common bean virus can kill cancer
New York: The virus that attacks white beans and damages them can be extremely useful in treating cancer. When the virus was introduced into cancerous tumors, it activated the immune system and stopped the spread of cancer.

It is called the cowpea virus in English. After seven years of research, colleagues at the University of California, San Diego and Dartmouth College split the virus into nanoparticles. She underwent cancer immunotherapy and had amazingly positive effects on mice and dogs.

Attempts have been made to find out the details of its effects which have been published in Molecular Pharmaceutics. Interestingly, not only does it treat cancerous tumors by entering them, but it can also repel future cancer attacks by increasing its effect on the body.
Under normal circumstances it targets white bean leaves, but a plant virus can now heal animals and humans, and under normal circumstances it is harmless to humans. However, many scientists are involved in this work, notably experts in microbiology, nanotechnology, cancer and biotechnology.

This research makes the copy virus nanoparticles the best aminotherapy of the future. As its nanoparticles enter cancerous cells, the body’s immune system itself becomes hostile to cancer. It has been tested on different types of cancer. The virus has been shown to be equally effective in mice that have been exposed to skin cancer, ovarian, breast, intestinal and brain cancers.

On the other hand, the virus creates a defensive wave against all types of cancer throughout the body, which is also very welcome.


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