The hardest glass in the world that can scratch a diamond!

The hardest glass in the world that can scratch a diamond!

BEIJING: Chinese scientists have created the world’s hardest glass that can mark diamonds because of its hardness. It is currently called the AM3 and has reached 113 gigapixels (GPA) on rigorous curve tests.

If the hardness of this glass is compared with diamond, it will be 50 to 70 GPA and some man-made items have reached 100 GPA hardness. In this way, Chinese glass can be called the best bulletproof glass in the world. According to scientists, it can also be used in high-tech products.

The other important thing about AM3 is that it is fully semiconductor and can be used like silicone. The invention could be used to manufacture photoelectric devices, weapons of war, and devices useful in extreme weather conditions or under pressure.
The glass was made by Tian Yongjin and his colleagues at the High Pressure Science Center at Yanxin University. According to Professor Tian, ​​there are many practical uses for such unusually strong, unusually strong, semiconductor carbon. Details are included in the latest issue of the National Science Review.

We know that glass is much weaker than diamond, but why? In diamond crystals, atoms and molecules are arranged in a special way that strengthens the diamond. In contrast, the arrangement of molecules and atoms in glass is actually random, which makes it weak. But remember that technically AM3 is not a glass but a glass with crystals inside.

When viewed under a microscope, the clear structures look like crystals, but when they are further zoomed in, random worm-like structures appear inside. Thus, this material has a unique structure and properties. Earlier in 2013, the same team had made a diamond-like hard material from crystals of boron nitrate and this record is still maintained.

Another valuable material used in the manufacture of AM3 is the Florence, the molecules of which are shaped like a football. They are made of carbon but have space in the middle. However, the structure of the molecules has been carefully compiled.


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