The US president has banned 28 more Chinese companies

The US president has banned 28 more Chinese companies
WASHINGTON: US President Joe Biden, following in the footsteps of his predecessor Donald Trump, has imposed sanctions on 28 more Chinese companies, up from 31 previously banned.

According to the international news agency, US President Joe Biden has signed a new decree banning the investment of 28 Chinese companies in the United States. The order is a continuation of the former president’s order in which Donald Trump banned 31 companies.

President Joe Biden not only extended the previous order but also added 28 more companies to the list of banned companies, leaving a total of 59 companies facing sanctions. Video surveillance companies including Huawei Mobile will remain banned from Hook Vision, China Mobile and China Telecommunications.
The sanctions will take effect on August 2, while the implementation and monitoring of the sanctions will be the responsibility of the finance department. The Washington administration has said the banned companies are suspected of having links with the Chinese military, spying on US citizens and human rights abuses.


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