The use of multi -vitamins is helpful in preventing mental health

The use of multi -vitamins is helpful in preventing mental health
North Carolina: A new study says the use of multi -vitamins on a daily basis can potentially prevent the mental health of the elderly.

Research in the United States revealed to scientists that for three years, the use of these vitamins resulted in the speed of mental health deterioration. People who are living with cardiovascular diseases are the most beneficial.

But one thing has been made by the researchers that additional research from the results of this research published in Alzheimer’s and Dementia is necessary.
Lara de Baker, a professor of research at the Wake Forest University School of Medicine, based in the US state of North Carolina, said that Lara de Baker, one of the main researchers of the research, said that everyday vitamin pharmaceuticals to prevent mental health from deteriorating. It will be premature to give a suggestion.

He said that where these preliminary results are promising, additional research is needed on large and large groups of people. At the same time, researchers also need to understand why multi -vitamins can be beneficial for the mental health of the elderly.

The study lasted for more than three years on 2200 years old and older people.


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