The world’s most powerful telescope has reached its orbit

The world’s most powerful telescope has reached its orbit
Houston, Texas: The world’s most powerful space telescope, the James Webb Space Telescope, has finally reached its desired orbit, the L2 Orbit, a month after it was launched into space.

It should be noted that the L2 orbit around the Sun is an orbit which is 1.5 million kilometers away from the Earth, while anything that reaches it maintains its distance and direction from the Earth.

The orbit has been chosen for the James Webb Space Telescope because it is relatively easy to communicate with the L2 orbit, despite being far from Earth’s light and radio waves.

In addition, the James Webb Space Telescope will need a small amount of fuel to adjust its orbit almost every month and thus it will be able to continue its mission for a long time.

Tests of the telescope will continue for about four months after it reaches orbit, and it will finally begin work on its original mission by the end of June 2022. Under which it will observe the infrared rays coming from the most distant space objects which must have come out of the first stars which came into existence at the beginning of the universe, about 17 billion 700 million years before today.


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