The world’s simplest camera without electricity

The world’s simplest camera without electricity
It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring, but it’s the simplest, most interesting and amazing camera in the world. It is called Solar Cane Pick. It can be called the pinhole camera of the modern world.

This camera, like a round plastic box, can be installed outside the house where the sun shines well. Inside is a sensitive photography plate or film. When light enters through a tiny hole, the image is preserved in the same way as in the case of film cameras in the past.

Now when you take a picture with the smartphone app by opening the camera at night, you get beautiful and very skillfully taken pictures. Looking at these pictures, everyone thinks that you are a very good photographer.

The most important thing is that the entire path of the sun is trapped in it which is visible in the form of a line of light. This way the camera can be left in one place for a day, a week, several months and even a year. All you have to do is attach the camera to the sun through a wire on a wall or pole outside the house and the camera will do the rest.

Due to its innovation and simplicity, this camera does not require any battery or electricity to operate and it automatically takes beautiful pictures. This camera is designed by amateur astronomers and photographers.

The Solar Cane Pick is actually the simplest solar imaging camera that costs 22 British pounds and comes with a camera and nine photographic plates for free.


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