The world’s tallest pyramid built with washing machines

The world’s tallest pyramid built with washing machines
A British company has done a unique job in creating public awareness regarding the recycling of electronics.

A company called Craze PC World assembled more than a thousand washing machines in the form of pyramids to emphasize the importance of recycling everyday items.

Craze PC World has broken the previous world record by collecting 1,496 recycled washing machines in a huge pyramid and has also won the Guinness World Record.
The washing machine pyramid is 44 feet 7 inches high. It is the tallest masterpiece ever made of household goods. People generally consider repairable items to be rubbish. The company has taken this step to eradicate this thinking.

The base of the pyramid consists of 256 washing machines measuring 31 feet, 7.5 inches on each side. In order to shape the pyramid, special care has been taken to ensure that the measurements are equal on all three sides.

The company said the record effort aims to raise public awareness about recycling for electronics.


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