Two identical copies of NFT images have sparked a new controversy

Two identical copies of NFT images have sparked a new controversy
New York: In the past year, we have seen digital art, video and photos being sold at exorbitant prices in the form of non-flammable tokens (NFT). Now a new controversy has arisen in this regard that two identical copies of the NFT have come to light in which each party is claiming to be the original.

The major digital marketplace, OpenC, has banned digital products of the PHA YC and PAYC combinations. They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities. The only difference is that the image of the digital image has been changed, that is, the image has been rotated from right to left.

Just as fake paintings by famous artists keep coming to the fore, copies of digital images are now being sold as NFT, the first example of NFT fraud.
It should be noted that NFTs of Board Apparatus Club (BAYC) are also the most expensive which are also called crypto art. Most of the pictures in it are from apps or bosons. Even the cheapest NFT will not be less than two million dollars, but anyone can make copies of them, ie it is very easy to rotate the face of the app or change its color.

Currently, almost identical NFTs of these two companies have been removed from many websites.

Remember that NFT blocks are made in China and all rights are transferred to the buyer. The NFT also includes digital photos, video games, videos, songs and generic photos.


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