Unique plan to make a sea oil well a luxury theme park

Unique plan to make a sea oil well a luxury theme park
Riyadh: The Saudi government has now come up with a new plan to attract tourists. An unusual theme park is now being built on an abandoned oil rig (marine oil extraction platform) for exceptional sports, such as extreme sports, accommodation and leisure.

The theme park has been named ‘The Rig’. The 1.6 million square feet wide theme park will be surrounded by seas on all sides where people will be transported by ferries, special boats and helicopters.

The park will also have state-of-the-art hotels and eateries, but will also provide roller coasters, submarine rides, skydiving, scuba and other recreational facilities. Those staying here will be able to enjoy their meal at the Underwater Glass Bubble Hotel.
A number of helipads will also be built on The Rig, according to CNN Travel. There are also plans for a total of 400 rooms in the three major hotels.


The rig has several interconnected platforms with three hotels and eleven restaurants. The Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia said in a statement that the construction of the rig has made it attractive to people around the world. It will be a great center for hospitality, adventure sports and water sports where people will have a whole new experience.

According to the website, tourists will be transported to the marine theme park by helicopter and other means. For this, 50 high speed and modern boats will also be built. Saudi officials have called it the world’s largest offshore recreation platform, the first to be built on an oil platform. Although preliminary work is underway, it has attracted worldwide interest. On the other hand, it is well covered in the media.


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