US: Workers brought from India to build a temple have gone to court against forced labor

US: Workers brought from India to build a temple have gone to court against forced labor
More than 200 workers brought from India to build a temple in Newark, New Jersey, have gone to court for violating labor laws.

According to foreign media reports, hundreds of backward Indian workers were recruited to build a magnificent temple in New Jersey, where state law was violated, violating workers’ fundamental rights and immigration laws, and underpaying them. Instead, he was forced to work long hours.

The lawsuit filed by the workers alleges that other agencies, including BAPS, recruited workers in India, then took them to the United States, where they were forced to work 87 hours a week to build the temple. He was forced to pay بھر 450 a month or 1. 1.20 an hour.

Under New Jersey law, a worker’s hourly wage is لیکن 12, but the workers revealed that they were paid only 50 50 a month in cash, while the rest were transferred to accounts in India.

The lawsuit further states that during the work, the workers were kept under strict surveillance to ensure that they did not talk to an unrelated person, threatening to deduct money from their pay if they did so, or to make arrests. They were also threatened with deportation.

According to media reports, FBI agents also visited the 162-acre temple.

According to media reports, Doreen Holder, a spokeswoman for the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s field office in New York, admitted in a telephone call that “we were there to carry out law enforcement activities on a court order.”

On the other hand, BAPS CEO Kanu Patel while talking to New York Times denied all these allegations of the workers.


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