Wealthy and influential people usually do not admit their mistakes

Wealthy and influential people usually do not admit their mistakes
San Diego: Psychologists say that rich and influential people often do not admit their mistakes and often put their mistakes on the heads of others.

Experts at the University of California, San Diego, have revealed that powerful, influential and wealthy people hardly admit their mistakes and put the blame for their mistakes on their subordinates.

Even if there is injustice in the organization, it does not have a significant effect on them. Psychologists at the University of California’s Reddy School of Management have published a report in this regard. According to this article, position and power give rise to a kind of ‘Choice Mindset’. Although they can accommodate a lot of things, they think others are more powerful. It also results in jealousy and in a way becomes a habit of punishing others.
Aidan Ph.D., a Ph.D. Such people cannot respect the limits of the weak and even blame others. Then they are also experts in justifying this behavior.

Under this, three studies were conducted: the first 363 civilians were recruited and told that this is a human resource experience. He was asked to give a bonus to his subordinate for not working on time as the project had some difficulties and conflicts of interest. Those who were supposedly given more powers did not make any concessions and said they were not waiting for any help.

Similarly, 393 more people were given the roles of superiors and subordinates. Here, too, those who had power abused their authority. Some even punished their subordinates. The same experiment was repeated in the laboratory of the University of California, San Diego, and the situation was no different there.

Experts say that this important psychological study has shown that there is an urgent need to prevent the abuse of power in many institutions. This will make the working environment more transparent and calm.


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