White gold yarn disappears from market in Faisalabad

White gold yarn disappears from market in Faisalabad
In Faisalabad, yarn, which is considered as white gold, has disappeared from the market and an artificial shortage has been created. Arbitrary prices are being charged from the artisans.

Despite the Corona crisis, Pakistan’s growing exports were hampered by the yarn crisis, with the yarn market in Faisalabad’s largest yarn disappearing, creating artificial shortages and charging exorbitant prices.

Billions of dollars worth of export orders were received, the industrialists drew the attention of the government to the yarn crisis, but no solution was found. Industrialists have also raised their hands.

Exporters ask how to compete in the international market by buying expensive yarn, the yarn is not available, the machines have to be shut down, they are in trouble even with the order.

As the artificial shortage of yarn began to engulf exports, the industrialists once again demanded the government to take notice and hinted that textile exports would decline again if they sat idly by.


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