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We at business news are delivering our audience with latest news at every hour of the day. We take this responsibility very seriously and therefore we customize the news for each user using several techniques including cookies.

At business news we try to cover every type of news that happens internationally. Either it is some type of international conflict or the new budget policy. Let it be the entertainment or the tension between the celebrities. Even if it is related to education or sports. We got it all covered.

At business news we update our website several times a day. As we have a lot of resources that provide us with tremendous content throughout the day. It is still not easy you see.

There is so much happening around the world. And therefore, to keep up the pace with so many unplanned events. We need a lot of writers, editors and auditors. Therefore, business news invite you to write for them.

Writing for the other website is called guest posting. Well pay attention if you are not aware about guest posting.

Guest posting:

Guest posting is not a new thing. However many young fellows, which have just started writing new blogs and articles may not know about it. Guest posting or guest blogging both are the same things.

On one hand there is a simple post and on the other there is another type of post which is called “Guest post”. When you publish an article on your own word press site. It is simply a post.

However when you write for someone else’s website then it is called a guest post. People purchase the service of guest posting for many purposes like:

  1. Exposure
  2. Authority
  3. Building relationships
  4. Links from other sites

As you are all aware that “Links” are the prime reason for Google ranking. Since guest posting helps a lot for the articles of new bloggers to link their article with a website of higher authority, hence they enjoy top ranks.

Not only this, guest posting also aids the newbies to access the market. With this they can penetrate deeper into their niche. Guest posting enables the author to build a healthy relationship with the owner of website. As a result he or she can explore new and unexplored audiences. Hence more reach.

The concept is very easy to grab. You simply write an article for a blogger according to his or his website’s market and then in return you get a backlink from that Guest posting site. In the return you article get strength because of that website’s link.

Write for us:

Yeah! You. Business news always welcomes the new and talented bloggers. If you have a very inspiring idea you can definitely approach us. It is necessary for your idea to be proactive enough that it can influence our readers.

Bring us such idea that you think that people needs elaboration for them. Thins that keep you up at night. Such topics are most likely to be clicked.

Well we want to be honest with you. Article writing for guest posting is not a bed of roses. But, we are here to push your back to get you there. After our teams are convinced by your idea, you will get accepted.

We work in close coordination with our approved members. By that we mean tremendous amounts of feedback. You will work with so many editors which will force you to see new perspectives for the same topic every time.

What we want in your article?

You should email us your one para, or two para or simply a short pitch along with a description of the topic. It should explain why it will intrigue our readers. The more professional the w-mail will be more are the chances for it to be accepted.

Keep in mind that the idea should be unique and plagiarism –free.

  1. Email us your pitch.
  2. The word length should be 800-1000 words.
  3. After approval an editor will be in touch with you.

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